Romero Pérez, Maximina

Romero Pérez, Maximina

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Maximina Romero (Ph.D, Scientific Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council – CSIC) joined the Group of Vitreous and Ceramic Materials in Construction in 1991. From October 1996 until 1998, she was Marie Curie fellowship at the Department of Materials, Imperial College, London, UK, acquiring a wide knowledge on glass nucleation phenomena and its study by means of differential thermal analysis (DTA).

Dra. Romero’s current research interests include compositional design, processing and characterization of foam glasses and porous ceramic materials;  valorization of industrial and mining wastes by vitrification and sintering processes; frits for ceramic glazes; development of new building materials by sintering and crystallization of glasses; processing and technological characterization of ceramic tile.

Dra. Romero regularly acts as Project Evaluator for the international certification agency “European Quality Assurance (EQA); Scientific-technical evaluator for the National Agency of Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP); AENOR expert and Technical Evaluator of Projects (TEP) for the technical and economic evaluation of R+D+i projects. Likewise, she is Member of the National Committee AENOR AEN /CTN 061 «REFRACTORY MATERIAL» and CSIC delegate in the Innovative Business Group of the Structural Ceramics Industrial Sector.

Dra. Romero has co-authored more than 150 scientific publications in the field of glass, ceramics and glass-ceramic materials. She is also scientific co-editor of three materials science books.